25 October 2004

so low the sky is all I see

to do:

(in no particular order)

1. see financial aid/business office to square away tuition balance
2. mail out forms requesting GI Bill
3. write check for insurance company, find correct address and envelope, mail out
4. finish take-home midterm for interpersonal relationship class
5. shoot roll of film for class
6. take a shower
7. eat something (maybe??)
8. refill perscription
9. deposit money in bank account
10. continue to search for apartments, make more calls if possible
11. get gas
12. call Nibbey
13. meet landlord and view apartment i found in webster
14. find health insurance provider(s) and request information
15. call unit and verify Nov. drill date
16. email Rico to inquire about account/payment
17. remove alcohol from trunk and store in a to-be-determined location
18. curl up into ball and die

- Metallica "Low Man's Lyric" -