21 May 2004

but I still don't miss you yet

the computer at my house has a virus, so unit it gets fixed, my entries will be infrequent i'm afraid. sorry to my (dwindling) fan base...

i know it is friday, but let me tell you about my weekend. actually, the weekend itself isn't all that important, it's the details that made a difference.

so i went to cape cod for an assignment with this other guy from my unit. he has a... strange... sense of humor that i still haven't gotten used to. he's a former regular-army type, and the more i get to know him, the more i'm convinced he's got some cross to bear. he kept making mildly-sexist remarks directed at me, but just vague enough to make me wonder if i was overreacting. i'm not sure whether he's my new best friend or if i hate his superior "6 year AFN veteran"-yet-i'm-still-a-specialist guts. he says "bitchin" a lot.


he drives a shitty, nasty car. we stopped at starbucks and he got a coffee, too. he was sad that my frappuccino had chocolate chips in it and he didn't have any chocolate. he ordered his steak medium-rare. we took a long walk through this little outdoor mall (which reminded me eerily of maryland) and talked about books and who should control the nirvana catalogue. HE DROVE PAST A WRONG WAY SIGN IN A BANK PARKING LOT.

i hate him.

someone slap me.

- Three Days Grace "I Hate Everything About You" -