03 December 2008

were lines that I couldn't change

Here, enjoy this worthless STUFF:

Woke up this morning, got dressed, scraped my car, went to the gym to meet the LT. She was late, I worked out mostly alone (next to the brigade CSM), left the gym to go back home and shower.

Got out of the shower, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, grabbed a FiberOne bar and a bottle of water, drove back to Fort Dix. On the way to HHB, the LT called and asked me to swing by MATOPS to get the banners she ordered for the holiday party this weekend. Picked up the banners.

Parked in the faraway lot and walked to HHB, gave the LT the banners, checked my email, ate the FiberOne bar. Worked on the upcoming MRX (Mission Readiness Exercise) for the two PAO units who will be on the ground next week. Finished the PAOC plan the LT had been asking me for, for like, weeks. Made travel arrangements for Atlanta.

Went to the PX with the LT so she could buy a Christmas gift for her mother. Walked next door to the Commissary to get a cake for a going away party for a girl I don't know. Went to that going away party. Took some photos.

Back upstairs, finally got my other work laptop fixed. Made a note to get the Adobe Creative Suite software out of the hard case for the IT guy to install tomorrow. Helped the LT find her missing cover.

Drove home with leftover salsa from the party in the passenger's seat, cried in my car.

Does it sound as weak and meaningless as it was for me to type it? "What did you do today?" is the bane of my existence.

Sorry, gotta go puke now.

"if you go, if you go
and leave me down here on my own,
then I'll wait for you"

- Coldplay "In My Place" -

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