15 November 2004

all I need to know is that I'm something you'll be missing

so the days have been going and going, i've been running on my little hamster wheel, and here i still am, in my little glass aquarium in some kid's room.

recently my scenery has changed. i wake up cold every morning, stiff joints from sleeping on the couch, a hollow feeling from being alone. the floors are always freezing and i echo when i walk.

my mother commented to me more than a few times about my dad being home alone and leaving all the lights on and the tv going while he's using the computer and talking on the phone. it's like he's trying to make the house less empty, as if there are other people in there with him. she said he doesn't like to be alone. i guess this must be kind of hereditary, like a co-dependent gene or something, or maybe it's for that nurture/nature debate, or maybe i'm just a little needy. i leave all the lights on, too. i don't know...

i don't want to do this anymore. i've got no real place to call home.

- Taking Back Sunday "You're So Last Summer" -

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