19 November 2008

I know a drugstore cowgirl, so afraid of getting bored

Dear Tom [of MySpace],

This probably won't change anything, but I just wanted to express my displeasure and exasperation at the ads that come up in my profile view. "23 and FAT?" (yes, I am 23) "New Acai Diet Shown on Oprah and Rachel Ray!" "Flat Abs in No Time!" "Want to Lose that Weight Quickly!" and so on.

Really, is this necessary? I am NOT overweight and there is nothing written in my profile to indicate that I have a weight problem, but I feel like MySpace is calling me fat. I repeat, there is NOTHING in my profile to indicate that I have a weight problem. I indicated that my body type is 'average' in the details section of the profile. So why all the "fat" ads?

I get that your ads are supposed to target people they think/hope will follow the links, but this just upsets me. It makes me not want to go on MySpace at all [an exaggeration].

Your friend,
Malibu Niki


Dear MySpace User,

This is an automated response acknowledging receipt of your inquiry. A MySpace representative will review your inquiry and follow up shortly.

To ensure each inquiry is responded to quickly and accurately, a unique case ID has been assigned. If you have any questions simply reply to this e-mail without altering the subject line containing your unique case ID.

We encourage you to visit our helpful FAQ page at http://faq.myspace.com for answers to other questions you may have.

Thank you for contacting MySpace.



"I tried to keep up;
you wore me out and left me ate up...
now I wish you all the luck"

- 311 "Beautiful Disaster" -

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