26 February 2009

thought you had all the answers to rest your heart upon

Sunday: Family Guy
Monday: House
Tuesday: American Idol
Wednesday: American Idol
Thursday: Hell's Kitchen / The Office
Friday/Saturday: (stare at each other bleakly)


Today I was outside on the back deck smoking a cigarette, talking to my parents, when my wedding ring fell off and slipped between the boards. 30 minutes and a broken coat hanger, a chopstick, some electrical tape, and a bread-tie later - SUCCESS! My ring was safely back on my hand and the universe was set right.

Ok, so it wasn't my *real* wedding ring that fell, it was the shitty one I took to Iraq with me (in case I died and some shifty medic swiped it) but still! Pretty traumatizing. 

Luckily my parents were there on the phone to talk me down from the crisis: "Bend a paper clip!" (none in the house) "Use a bobby pin!" (haven't owned a bobby pin since high school) "Piano wire!" (wtf?)

So now I feel like fucking MacGyver. Rock on.

"well you can pin yourself back together,
to who you thought you were"

- Bird York "In The Deep" -

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