10 August 2009

well I'm a waste like you, with nothing else to do

First day without the husband (he's away on training for a week).

This is what I planned to do today:

- vacuum large rug in great room and shake out small area rugs

- repaint toenails

- begin moving my crap out of my barracks room and into our house (it's only been 9 months, stop rushing me!)

- throw away dead flowers and pick/buy new ones for the kitchen table

- schedule a hair cut for later this week

- laundry (always)

- sweep out guest bathroom and wash tub

- open windows and let some breeze in

This is what I managed to do today:

- you're looking at it. :/

"why are you alone,
wasting your time
when you could be with me,
wasting your time"

- Green Day "Sassafras Roots" -


bodoba said...

I got half my laundry done and fought with my husband so I'm even less productive. I don't even have a list! At least there'll be something to do if you can't sleep tonight.

Angel said...

I got the laundry done as well - not folded or sorted or put away...just washed. I did do the dishes and attempted to give Simba his meds...that didn't go well as you can imagine...

Malibu Niki said...


I see you are familiar with not sleeping? You're right, I'll probably be up doing the laundry all night. :/


All 3 of my cats are on medication right now, too, and it's a freakin nightmare!!! The littlest one is fine, he'll eat pretty much anything, but the two big cats are nearly impossible to medicate without two people. It's going be be stressful for all involved until Tree gets back from AT.

And I'm usually home between 5 and 5:30, sometimes a little earlier on Fridays, but I won't really know for sure until it gets closer. But 5 is a safe bet. I'll email you tomorrow.

mylittlebecky said...

i need to get a haircut! so bad... made the mistake of telling chuck i was going to and now he's all, "when's the haircut? did you make an appt? will you make me something to eat?" he's very nosey and also hungry. the end