26 May 2009

man there's so many times I don't know what I'm doing

TO DO (for real, y'all):

- set up meeting with NJ ARNG recruiter [today][Wednesday]
- contact 444th directly [today][Wednesday]
- order 26th MEB insignia for my Class As
- buy my dad's ticket - !! [today]
- check back on BNCOC phase 2 status in ATRRS [by Friday]
- mail more checks to the property manager [tomorrow]
- oil change [by Friday]
- finish Soldier of the Year story [today]
- plane ticket for this weekend? [today/tomorrow]
- call real estate agent [by Friday]
- ???
- Profit

It's going to be a busy week. :/

Also, somewhat related - I tried on the skirt yesterday and whaddaya know, it fits. From now on I'm blaming all fashion mishaps on my period. (gross)

"if she can find daylight
then she'll be alright"

- Rob Thomas "Her Diamonds" -


Angel said...

Told ya - NEVER try on clothes when you're broken. Its the unwritten rule of being female.

Tree...well, is Tree.

I hope we're able to spend some time this weekend...I really want you to meet my man!

Malibu Niki said...

I want to see you too!! I have weapons qual with the 65th on Sunday, but I'm home until Tuesday. Sorry I haven't called you back yet... I'll give you a ring on my way home tomorrow.