13 May 2009

I've been drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin

Well, BNCOC is over and done with (Phase 1, anyway). I had the second highest average in my class of 84. The NCOA separately recognized those who "Exceeded Course Standards" - the top 20% - which was nice. I was surprised how many members of the brigade came to see the graduation (out of the 84 in my class, probably a quarter of them were from my brigade). The CPT came and took photos, that was pretty cool. And afterward she and the LTC from my office took me out to lunch. I was surprised and touched that he even came to the graduation - he never, never goes to brigade functions. So it was nice.

So what are my upcoming plans?

1. Combatives Phase 1 next week. Since we don't have a unit for like 6 weeks, the CPT signed us up. It gets us out of HQ for awhile, and soon Phase 1 is going to be required of everyone, so why not?

2. Finishing my footlocker. A few years ago, I saved an old WWII footlocker that was destined for the trash. It had belonged to my grandfather's second wife's first husband (haha, we're not from West Virginia, I swear) who had been in the Army. It got passed around and eventually my dad ended up with it. And then the trash was going to end up with it. So I saved it (because I have an extreme, unnatural fondness for boxes/chests/trunks) and started repainting it, like, 2 years ago. Recently I've been feeling craft-y again, so yesterday I dug it out and started working on it again.

I'm not restoring it per se (a professional would probably say I'm ruining it, actually) but rather repainting and revitalizing. For example, instead of sanding the rust off and polishing the original metal fixings, I'm just painting over them with metal-colored paint. I plan to adorn it with old stamps/postcards/travel stickers (lots of antique places down here), attach some short legs to the bottom, and repurpose it as a coffee table. It'll be kind of quirky, but then so is my entire house. :)

I'll have to post photos when I'm done, but this foot locker is close to what it looks like now. The metal is on mine is slightly different at the corners, and mine has no writing on it (or maybe it wore off at some point). Also mine is in significantly worse condition.

3. Vegetable garden. This is more of Tree's project than mine, but this weekend we're going to tear up the existing horror show "garden" and replace it with some tomatoes and maybe a few other things. I have, like, the exact opposite of a green thumb, so I'm going to let him take the lead on this one. Although I would like to have some flowers out there, too. He can pick them out. I'll just help dig holes, or whatever. Also I want some pumpkins.

4. Nap. Sounds like a great idea! I'll finish this later. Maybe.

"one drink ain't enough, Jack
you better make it three"

- George Thorogood & The Destroyers "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" -


Meg said...

Good Job! You make me feel like a crappy Soldier for neglecting my schooling...

At least I'm trying PT again. One step at a time.

How is everything going down there?

Malibu Niki said...

Thanks. If it makes you feel better, if you wait like 6 months, BNCOC phase 1 won't be a residence course anymore - you'll be able to do it online. Which is good actually, because it mostly was a waste of time. Do I really need to get up at 4 every morning for a room inspection? We aren't in basic training anymore.

Glad to hear you are working out again. I've been kinda bad about that. I didn't work out once during BNCOC...

Everything is alright down here, just lonely. I just submitted my packet for a second year. The active duty paycheck is too good to say goodbye to just yet.

How about you?

Angel said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS! HOOAH!! I knew you would end up in the top of your class cuz, well, thats just how you roll.

Now about that garden...pumpkins are notoriously hard to grow...if you DO get any baby pumpkins, they have to be turned at least once a day so as not to have any flat spots and deter rotting. Some easy veggies to grow are summer squash/zuchinni, peppers, green beans and sugar snap peas (those are YUMMY right off the plant).